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For #TeXnicallygamejam 

Borges is one of my favorite author - and I have always wanted to wander and read the books in the Library of Babel... but what if they were nicely typeset ?

I also like to play with randomness, and I wanted for the read to have the option to read another book.

These are all poetry book that you can create and read from the commandline.

References - Variations sur le même thème

* https://libraryofbabel.info/

* https://nothke.itch.io/library-of-blabber

*  https://keiwan.itch.io/library-of-babel-3d

Install instructions

- This is a single .tex file - you must have LaTeX installed to render.

- This will generate a random poetry book if you enter the following in your Terminal:

pdflatex texnically_game_jam.tex

- That is all !


texnically_game_jam.tex 541 bytes

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